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REGO prices stay steady

18 July 2022

e-POWER held its sixteenth e-REGO auction on July 12th . Prices have improved quite a bit since our first e-REGO auction back in May 2019 when average prices were just 20p a REGO; in stark contrast to the highest prices of £7.15 on the auction platform in February 2022.

Our latest auction was for CP21 REGOs (April 22 to March 23 generation) and the prices have been relatively stable, this being the third auction for CP21. Baseload REGOs, for example, increased by about 10% to range from £3.26 to £3.55.

For comparison purposes the closest e-REGO auction for CP20 REGOs was in October 2021 when prices were about £1.00 lower than in our latest CP21 auction.

However, it will be easier to compare prices to last year at our next e-REGO auction on 15th September. Going forward we plan to run our e-REGO auctions every other month.

Follow this link to all the results from our e-REGO auctions REGO Summary of Prices (